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T-Shirt, Tights, and Socks? That's Anything but Boring!

The weather in Toronto has been super weird this winter. A t-shirt and tights without any layers has been my kind of outfit on the regular. Torontonians are normally pretty accustomed to erratic weather but this winter has been incredibly warm with just a sprinkle of cold days. I don't know much about the ins and outs of global warming but I've definitely noticed a trend with changing climates for the past few years. I love the heat but it's clearly coming at a price.

Wanna know something strange? On the days where I've needed to wear warm clothing, majority of the time it was stuff I got in L.A.! Who would have thought? Ironic, right? Oddly enough, when I visited the city they were having an unusual cold spell (global warming again?) and I wasn't prepared with the right clothing so most of the pieces I bought there were for warmth.
On my trip to L.A., I was introduced to Monica at a sneaker event called Project Blitz, She was incredibly sweet and I honestly mean …
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Soooooooo About that Trip to Chicago

I love to travel so when Jackie decided to go on an impromptu trip to Chicago for the weekend, I made it happen. I got Friday off of work, we rented a car and off we went. Some people thought we were nuts for driving when we were only going for the weekend but the whole road trip added to the experience. Yes, we got lost. Yes, we saw some creepy places. And you know what? It's just a whole heap of things we can now add to our travel memories.

DAY 1The drive was supposed to be 8 or 9 hours but it ended up being 12! Yes, 12! I had borrowed an older GPS from my parents and while it worked great in Canada, we ran into some issues across the border. Unfortunately our GPS wasn't picking up all the route changes due to road closures and construction. Without our data on our cell phones, we struggled to figure it out but finally made it into Chicago right at their rush hour.

We had a few more hiccups with trying to find our spot, a beautiful studio we booked through AirBnB but once we…

All the Reasons Being Single can be Amazing, Even on Valentine's Day

While NBA All Star weekend has taken Toronto by storm, I know many of us, especially all my international followers and friends, are still aware that it's Valentine's Day. I've never been one to wallow if I was single on February 14th. To be honest, it has no impact on me. Yet, I know there are some people out there who feel a sense of loneliness and sorrow because of what the day represents.

In previous years I've written words of encouragement since I recognize that those emotions are real and valid because as humans we aren't designed to live in solitude. If you feel sorrowful, it's OK, but this year I wanted to shed some light on the beauty of being single (without taking away from the beauty of relationships that are based on respectful love). So let's take a look at all the reasons being alone is amazing.

Being single gives you the chance to spend time with yourself. It forces you to get to know who you are and enjoy yourself, literally.Being single a…

100 Years of Men's Fashion in 3 Minutes

If you know me and you follow my blog, you'll know men's fashion is one of my obsessions. I sometimes walk into menswear stores simply to take a look at what they have because I find it interesting. I find myself flipping through men's fashion articles just as much as women's, if not more. Maybe it's because I love men and the way clothing looks on them. I can't wear an outfit the way a guy does simply because I'm shaped differently. When men put on clothing, there's a power and look behind it, that as a woman, I can't command in the same way.

Mode Studios recently created a video that lays out a century of men's fashion in 180 seconds and one of their PR reps just sent it over for me to take a look at. I thought it would be an awesome share considering I've found out that over the years, some of my most avid fashion followers are men.

Dora the Explorer Grown Up - Back Pack Included

I'M BACK! Okay I know I barely posted on Blogger through the winter but if you want to keep up to date with me, I post often on my Instagram account, @down_to_mars_girl, so you can follow me there for my fashion updates and things about my life.

This weekend the weather was phenomenal so I barely even needed the jacket I had on in the first few shots. What I'm wearing is pretty simple actually, it's the details of each item that make things pop. My favourite aspect of the whole outfit was the leather like sleeves of my sweater in a mesh pattern. The jacket I have on is ribbed in certain areas with shoulder padding and has studs embedded into it. The high waist pants I have on are of a thick sleek fabric with a sheen to it. The belt is made out of metal plates. OH, and don't you love my little bag? Reminds me of the 90s when we all pranced around with those mini back packs. I figure if Dora the Explorer grew up, this is what she'd wear but maybe I just think that b…

Winter Fashion: Pastels, Unicorns, and Cotton Candy

Okay, I've got a confession to make. These photos were actually taken in October by my friend, Jackie Suner. I know it took me three months to post these shots but the good thing is this outfit is still relevant to our Toronto winter considering it has been rather mild overall. Even in colder temperatures, the only tweaks you need to make to an outfit like this are to change the shoes and perhaps wear a heavier coat.

Winter and fall fashion are normally synonymous with dark colours but I love being able to bring some light and freshness to the season. I keep thinking of cotton candy and unicorns when I look at this outfit (which could explain why majority of the pictures from this shoot were actually of me running around and jumping off things). I'm happy that many retailers have sold more pastel pieces for this season, it's a refreshing change for our winter wardrobes. Plus, I feel like a bit of a kid and yet feminine in those colours all at the the same time.

Outfit Deta…