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Just Laid Back!

I'm so tired today so I don't have much to say. I went to the gym for a Step class which was amazing and brutal at the same time. I'm so exhausted but I can't wait to go again.
I really apologise, for the 50th time, about the quality of the photos but I promise by February I will have a good quality camera which most likely will be an SLR. For now you'll have to stick to Sid's Blackberry camera (which is what the photo's posted below were taken with) or a low quality point and shoot.

By the way, you'll see that beanie a lot. It's my favourite winter hat! Sayonara!

Zipping on Some Studs

I still can't get over the fact that we're in the month of January and experiencing weather that's above O°C (or in other words 32°F). January and February tend to be the deadliest months in terms of how cold it gets in Toronto yet it feels like late October or early November. I just keep buying more and more skirts to wear because I feel like I need to jump on the chance to wear fall/early winter type of clothing before the serious chill sets in, if it ever does. I hope it never does. Like I said in an earlier post, I guess this is our reward for being denied a summer this year. It was so depressing.

Of course since the weather has been mild, I wore this skirt and blazer ensemble to a friends dinner over at a local chain restuarant/bar but these pictures were taken at another friend's condo that night. Mind you, the weather is bearable with a jacket but I was freezing taking photos outside at night, when darkness falls and there's wind, the temperature drops quite…

I Feel Like Dancing

I love this song! I know its nothing new but after hearing it in Fame 2009 and then seeing it on last season's So You Think You Can Dance Canada, it's just been rolling around in my head. Everytime I hear it I just want to start dancing.

Sam Sparro - Black and Gold

I hope your dancing!

Papercraft Couture

While browsing on a random website which had nothing to do with fashion, I fell upon some beautiful photographs by Doberman Studios, which I believe consists of two amazing Russian photographers. Unfortunately for me, I don't understand Russian very well so I have no idea what their names translate to in English but I'm exhausted and its 2:46am, I promise I'll find it out and let you guys know.
Anyway, I got so excited when I saw these photos, almost like I had just discovered a secret that no one else knew about. Does anyone really know about them? I don't know, I just get excited when I can introduce something foreign which I haven't seen on fashion blogs or is from a different continent then where I'm from. So enjoy, just don't touch! You might get a paper cut ;)
Oh, and btw, thanks to my love for introducing me to this site. Heart you!

Don't you worry, there'll be more fascinating photographers I'll introduce you to in the future.
Thats a promis…

The Spring 2010 Line Up

So ladies, don't know what to wear this spring? Well, W Magazine is a great reference guide for you. Stylist Alex White and Photographer Craig McDean have done an amazing job displaying looks from the Spring 2010 runways. (Of course, if you consider yourself a fashion crazed individual you can pick out which designer created some of those pieces the moment you see these images.) The editorial shows a line up of women in styles that range all the way from pastels and light fabrics to dark and sharp designs. Enjoy!

Love you guys!

Party Like Its 2009!

Faux Leather Mini: American Apparel, Tank: TNA, Lace Bra: Talula
Cable Knit Cardigan: Zara (one of my gifts to him for Christmas!)
New Years Eve was so last minute. I swear I was asking everyone in the entire world about what they were planning on doing and absolutely no one knew. I guess we're all just getting Since we had no set plans, Sid and I played everything by ear. He was sick which put a slight damper on things but I wanted to have a laid back night and just hang out.
We went out to dinner at a new place we had never tried before. I had a super tasty and healthy meal so I was extremely satisfied. After that we headed off to some of our friends party at a local bar. I had a good time but by 1am I was ready to pass out. I was so exhausted.

 It was a good night, and January 1st started out as a good day but things turned sour pretty fast. I just hope the rest of the year won't be like that...sigh.

Anyway, a belated Happy New Year to everyone! I have a feeling th…


Okay, I totally get that I'm super late with these "Christmas" posts but these photos were taken on Christmas with my family. My nephew's uncle is so tall and he's only 16. I think he's 6'6. Of course, he's still growing so I can only imagine how tall he'll be in a few years. I was so fascinated with his height (I hadn't seen him in a long time and he had grown even more since then) I decided to take photos with him, and then the whole family joined. Oh, and yes, my socks were too

This Christmas was super low key with my family. My sister had flown off to Egypt a while back so she wasn't there. My nephew spent the morning with us and then went home with his father's family. We don't have any real blood family living in Canada so generally on Christmas  we celebrate with family friends who essentially are my psuedo aunts, uncles, and cousins.
This year we decided to spend time with just each other. We went out to for dinn…

Christmas Eve in a Rose Skirt

Honestly, this winter has been pretty mild and really delayed in comparison to other years. I would like to believe its mother nature's gift to us for depriving us of summer. There was barely a warm day at all, it felt more like fall than summer. Anyway, the relatively mild winter has given me the chance to prance around in skirts, which I've been doing more so lately.
Christmas Eve I decided to just be laid back and go to the movies with my love. We saw two movies in a row, lol, we had absolutely nothing to do cause everything was closed. The outfit I chose for our little date was something that was feminine but still had a slightly androgenous feel to it by wearing a pair of lace up boots from Aldo. I dressed down the Talula skirt with a jean jacket and a grey TNA tank top for a more casual feel. The belt is a vintage purchase that I altered into a waist belt. (Oh and I was wearing a pale rose coloured Talula bra but you can't see it.)


My Previous Blog On Wordpress

For those of you who don't know, I actually have been blogging for a while now. Unfortunately, I've been having trouble exporting all my older posts from my previous blog on wordpress to blogspot. If you want to take a look at my older posts from 2009 click the link below

Once I find a way to export the older blog properly, I'll shift everything over to blog spot.

Hugs and Kisses,