January 14, 2010

Papercraft Couture

While browsing on a random website which had nothing to do with fashion, I fell upon some beautiful photographs by Doberman Studios, which I believe consists of two amazing Russian photographers. Unfortunately for me, I don't understand Russian very well so I have no idea what their names translate to in English but I'm exhausted and its 2:46am, I promise I'll find it out and let you guys know.

Anyway, I got so excited when I saw these photos, almost like I had just discovered a secret that no one else knew about. Does anyone really know about them? I don't know, I just get excited when I can introduce something foreign which I haven't seen on fashion blogs or is from a different continent then where I'm from. So enjoy, just don't touch! You might get a paper cut ;)

Oh, and btw, thanks to my love for introducing me to this site. Heart you!

Don't you worry, there'll be more fascinating photographers I'll introduce you to in the future.

Thats a promise!

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