February 11, 2010

Lee "Alexander" McQueen Passed Away Today

It's odd, just last night I was doing some online shopping and I was debating over a pair of McQueen shoes. No, not the crazy ones that I showed you on my previous posts, but the ones that have a sweetheart peep toe and a yellow sole. I was even debating about doing another post on him today BUT I never thought it would be about this.

This morning Sid texted me while I was still in bed and said "Alexander McQueen committed suicide". Trust me, that woke me up. Who would have ever thought? I mean his life seems amazing to the outside world doesn't it? The "bad boy" of British fashion, he never let anyone down with his crazy designs. As for the suicide part, I'm not sure about that. He was found dead this morning in his apartment, but the papers are only speculating if he was depressed. I guess word is spreading fast and people are going crazy making up stuff but who knows what really happened.

I didn't want to make this post about his work, but rather about himself. So I won't be posting any photos of his designs on this post BUT I will later on today. So if you don't really know who McQueen is, then stay tuned. I do have an older post on my previous blog about his Spring RTW 2010 shoes. Click here to take a look.

Today, we lost one of the greatest and most artistic talents that the fashion industry has ever had, and I mean that. You can spot his designs from a mile away. My condolences go out to his family and friends.

photos sourced from google images

Rest in peace Lee "Alexander" McQueen. 
You were truly an inspiration.

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