March 8, 2010

French Revue de Modes 16th Issue - 12 Covers for 12 Models

Talk about variety! 12 covers for one issue? That's right! For French Revue de Modes 16th Issue, the amazing photographer, Thierry Legoues, captured the most beautiful pictures of some of today's top models. Everything about these images is perfection, from the styling, to the makeup, to the actual shot itself. These covers are definitely eye catching to say the least. Theirry Legoues is one of my favourite photographers and he has some extremely fascinating images. If this is your first time seeing his work, you better prepare yourself because some of his other photos will blow you away. Trust me on this.

Just in case your wondering, I'll list the names of the models in the order that I post their photos on the blog but you can also find their names on the images themselves. The models are Ranya Mordanova, Hannah Holman, Coco Rocha,  Yulia Vasiltsova,  Anna de Rijk, Chanel Iman, Jacquelyn Jablonski, Lyndsey ScottLaura Blokhina, Tao Okamoto, and Emily DiDonato.

I hope that was as visually appealing for you as it was for me!

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