March 12, 2010

Lady Gaga ft Beyonce - Telephone

Okay, I'm not a Lady Gaga fan what so ever, or a Beyonce fan for that fact. Yet, I know everyone anticipates Lady Gaga's videos, especially any collabos with Beyonce. The music video for Telephone was just released and I'm seriously confused as to what the hell is going on half the time. On top of that, I was so shocked at the amount of blatant advertising going on in the video. Virgin Mobile and Plenty of Fish product placements are everywhere and those aren't the only items in this video! I mean, music videos are a part of marketing but it's usually directed solely at selling the celebrities in the videos rather than third party products. Anyway, Beyonce just look so out of place and awkward, her acting was just plain weird and Lady Gaga completely outshined her! 

Of course there's crazy fashion every where. I love a lot of the styling in this video but at the same time I just get bored with her over-the-top style. It seems more forced for media attention than anything else, you can definitely see a progression from her fashion sense a few months ago and now. As for the video, look out for the cigarette sunglasses, Diet Coke can hair rollers, and a telephone on her head. I guess that's what you call pop art! I'm thinking she was in jail for committing a fashion crime

I hope you enjoyed the craziness,

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