March 23, 2010

Walk It Out Baby - Even Models Fall!

My sister, Abby, sent me this link today and although it's from an old episode of Fashion Television I still want everyone to see it. Not only was I smiling because of this video, it also made me feel a lot better about myself. It makes you realize that even women who are trained to walk in heels slip too. From what I remember, the last time I tripped in heels was when I graduated from elementary school. The floor was wet for some reason and I slipped, on my knees and hands, sort of like how my fellow Canadian, Jessica Stam, does in the video below. Only the back of the room, (and the entire school faculty) saw me fall but they all gasped loud enough to make the whole room wonder what happened. I was utterly embarrassed and I was actually on my way to hand my mother a rose before I got back to my seat. Luckily, my graduate hat stayed on my head because I had pinned it into my! Then, of course, my teacher gets on the mic after my ungraceful descent onto the ground and says "please watch your step, its wet at the back of the hall."...GREAT! I wish someone had known that before I went tumbling. 

Any way, back to the present. Today I bought some sky scraper shoes. They're super comfortable and I can walk in them, but my first thought was "what if I fall?". Some of my highest heels, which are over 5 inches, have never actually been worn outside of my house because of my fear that I might trip. The last time I attempted that, I almost did. I'm still not giving up. I love the pair I bought today, so I'm determined to wear them this weekend. As for the other deadly ones....I still need


This reminded me of this seasons, America's Next Top Model. This is probably one of the most brutal falls off the runway that I have ever seen. Although half the girls were messing up because of those pendulums, this chick takes the cake. She falls down the stairs, then gets this bull like look on her face and keeps walking, only to get knocked off the runway by a pendulum while screaming like a scared child. Rachel Roy definitely did not look pleased. Thank goodness we don't have to walk through pendulums on regular basis! I guess that's what you get paid to do being a!

So the moral of today's lesson: Everyone one falls, even models! Next time you trip, just walk it off.

Love you guys,

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