April 9, 2010

Levi's Fall 2010 Collection for Men and Women

I know most people who know me know I love wearing rolled up khakis or boyfriend jeans with big t-shirts and a beanie paired with boots or moccasins, so it's no surprised that I adore Levi's Fall 2010 collection. It's just simplicity at its best. Although the looks aren't exactly the newest trend I absolutely love the way the clothes are styled. The women take on a lumberjack/androgynous look with over-sized jeans, lace up boots, and loose shirts and sweaters. The men look ever so sexy in fitted but relaxed denim paired with worn boots and boat shoes. Whoever styled these models did an amazing job, everything is perfect, from the hair to the accessories all the way down to the clothes themselves.


Love you guys,

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  1. While an expensive suit is a step in the right direction, don't get me started on tight Italian suits that look good on skinny actors but practically no one else. It just screams of trying too hard. It may sound boring, but since so many men have ventured out to 'creatively' express themselves with fashion, my advice is stick with classics that are tailored. Less is more." 80s mens fashion


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