April 16, 2010

LG Fashion Week

So, this is my one and only photo at LG Fashion Week. Of course, I forgot my camera so this is the only one from the actual venue for the shows. I do have photos from Women X Women Media/Industry Invite Event that was held that night, and I think I might have photos from Bustle's afterparty at Brassaii, which was also that evening. If I get them, I'll put them up as well.

Anyway, this picture is of myself, Elsa, and her lovely mother.

White Blazer: Zara, Pants & Blouse: Mango


  1. as an aside (from the fashion that is), this was a horrible promo! Hard to use laptops and a sloppy photo shoot made it difficult to figure out exactly what they were trying to promote. If there was such thing as an anti-promo, I think it would be LGs only success that day.

  2. Apparently the point of that whole thing was to show the use of their net books. Hence the small laptops. I'm sure they could have done something else aside from simply taking photos and trying to make it look like Andy Warhol.


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