May 26, 2010

Men's Spring Style

I'm sorry! Really, I am! I love my blog and all my readers so I would never jump ship without letting you guys know whats up. This is probably the longest hiatus I have ever taken from my blog but I really just wanted to enjoy the beginning of my summer break. There's so many things I wanted to post but never got the chance to. One of the things I had prepared was another spring menswear post but I just never got around to putting the actual post up.

Technically it's spring in Canada but the weather in Toronto this week makes it seem more like summer. Apparently today's temperature beat the previous record for the highest temperature on this exact day, May 25th (compared to previous years). None the less, Canada is bipolar (and I know all my Torontonians know exactly what I'm talking about) and I wouldn't be shocked if it snowed tomorrow and everyone whipped out their winter jackets. Therefore I'm still going to post these wonderful spring menswear photos for everyone to see. 

This time around I decided to focus on the more dressed up side of menswear with looks focusing on business and business casual styles. I especially love the green blazer and black leather gloves.


photocredit: thesatorialist

Sometimes I wish men (and women) in Toronto took more pride in what they wore. These men exude confidence and their outfits seem so effortless and yet so polished. If only this was the norm in this city. People here think that if you're not at work or out at a lounge then you need to be prancing around in a t-shirt and jeans with sneakers. Don't get me wrong, wearing that is fine but even when I wear a t-shirt and jeans  people seem to think I'm "dressed up" just because I put on some accessories like a statement necklace or a belt. Come on now! Really?
Just think about it Toronto.


  1. i love this blog, i just wish it had more content, or was updated more regularly. I could see this blog blowing up.... keep at it.

  2. Wow! Thank you. I just wish you weren't "Anonymous" so I could contact you. I would love to hear more about what content you're looking for so that I could work to meet my reader's needs. If anything, just leave another comment. Thank you once again.


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