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Kirkwood, I can see you from a mile away. I LOVE THESE! It's like disco and Spice Girls with a dark edge


Spring Into Summer - Neutral Safari Style

I'm dying of sleep deprivation right now but it's been so long since I've gotten a good post up and I thought I owed it to my readers to have a fresh blog entry for you to enjoy. I know its been a while since I've had any style photos of myself but as you know, I've been really self conscious about the way I look and the weight I've gained. I've basically been avoiding posts of myself but I thought it's about time that I owned up to my promise of having more personal entries.

Sid took these beautiful photos of me a few weeks ago. YES! A few weeks ago...I told you, I was loafting on putting photos up of myself! Anyway, I thought I would play up the whole neutral palette with some safari type of elements.

Jacket: Zara, Cargo Pants: Mango, Shirt: Costa Blanca, Shoes: Urban Behavior, Bag: Aldo,

Photography courtesy of Sid Singh

I would say more but like I said, I'm exhausted and I just want to hit the sack. I've been working like crazy, hence why I'…

Musical Child Prodigy

I think Justin Bieber's going to cry when he sees this guy perform.
What a beautiful performance, and he's multi-talented.
I'm looking forward to seeing more of this kid, Greyson Chance.

Woman of Style: Anna Dello Russo (Part III)

photocredits: unknown (please contact me if you can provide this information)
I bet you got Anna Dello Russo fever too now, don't you? xoxo,

Woman of Style: Anna Dello Russo (Part II)

Okay, I'll admit it. I've been seriously neglecting my blog. It's really just a whole bunch of things that are all jumbled up in my life but I'm set on reworking my priorities and getting back on track. There's so much I want to share on this blog. I wish in those moments where my mind is racing with thoughts, that I could be near my computer in order to formulate them into appropriate words and share them with you.

Tonight I'll make this short and sweet since I worked late. As promised, here is more of the amazing Anna Dello Russo. Love this woman! The only thing that bothers me is her posture.

photocredits: jakandjil

 I believe all the photos are by Tommy Ton but if I'm missing a photocredit please let me know

I promise more Anna Dello Russo and new posts! I got some EXCITING news about a new store opening up. I'll give you the details soon.

Hugs and kisses,

Back to The Future with Fashion

I just stumbled on this video while I was looking up some stuff on youtube. The video is from the 1930s and is based on several designer's predictions of what fashion will be like in year 2000. They were right with a few elements but I was giggling and smiling through out most of it.

I wonder what life would be like if we actually had the electric belt to adapt the body to climatic changes, and the swooshing dress that adjusts with the elements to help keep the body at the right temperature!

My favourite parts? The net to catch the males, the headlight to find an "honest man", and the "candy for cuties"

Enjoy :)

I hope that made you smile!

Woman of Style: Anna Dello Russo

Alright, so a while back I posted an amazing photograph of a beautiful koi fish belt by Francesco Scognamiglio. Click here to see the post. I had mentioned that the woman wearing the belt would be my next Woman of Style and asked you guys to guess who it was. Of course, Sid got it right! It's Vogue Nippon's fashion director, Anna Dello Russo.

This woman never ceases to amaze me. She has such an impeccable sense of style and has the confidence to pull off almost any outfit. Street style bloggers such as Tommy Ton and Scott Schuman have turned stylists, fashion directors, and so many other individuals who work in the background of the fashion industry, into fashion icons. Many fashionistas may have never discovered women like Miroslava and Anna had it not been for the growth of street style blogs and the photographers behind them. In several interviews, Anna even talks about her new "celebrity" like status and how she dresses for the bloggers. Essentially, rather than…