October 11, 2010

If He Can Do It, She Can Do It - An Outfit for a Man or Woman

This man looks so relaxed and handsome in his outfit. It's well put together and it's just the right mix of casual elements mixed in with a slightly tailored look to make him so effortlessly fashionable.

photocredit: swagger360

When I saw the photo above it reminded me of a picture of a girl I had seen recently on another blog. She was in the same outfit as him but, of course, each piece was fit to flatter her shape and accentuate her curves. I was blown away by the similarities. Regardless of the fact that this look is more androgynous,she was still able to give it an edgy feel with a touch of sexiness. I especially loved her white hair! Only a few confident women can pull off hair like that.

So in conclusion, some looks can really be worn by both genders, you just need to know how to own the style and make it work for your body.


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