October 10, 2010

If I Was a Bird

I love Floetry, even though they no longer produce music together, but the reason I chose this song is not based on solely my love for this duo. This song reflects all that I've written about in my previous post. If you feel that you connect with my words you may want to look up the lyrics because simply listening to the song may not allow you to really feel the impact of it (especially if you feel Floetry's sound is a little to heavy for you). Actually, this song only spoke to me when I read the words.

I know how personal some of these posts are getting but this is me and I'm willing to share a part of who I am and my life with others if it serves a good purpose. Recently, I had one of my readers that I've never met reach out to me and openly talk to me about  their experiences. Not only that, but they expressed that they emailed me because they wanted to check up on me to see if I was doing okay. I'm happy that I'm able to connect so deeply with others and allow them to not only feel for me but to also find a place that can serve to give them peace. 


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