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Ezra Constantine Spring/Summer 2010 - Something for The Boys

For those of you that follow my blog, you know how much I love men's fashion. I mean I absolutely adore styling and shopping with guys. I just get a thrill out of suggesting items to men and getting them to try on things they would never imagine themselves wearing. Every single time I've done that, the guys I dressed were pleasantly surprised at the fact that they actually did like what I picked out. So much so that they would go ahead and buy it the next time they entered the store. Sometimes they may have resisted the idea initially but the fact that they go out of their way to buy it in the end, stands to say something. It brings such joy to me to be able to open up a guy's idea of style and fashion and be able to inspire them to dress in ways they would have never done so before.

Aside from that, I still enjoy looking at men's clothing. I'm fascinated by magazines like GQ and I'm even buying a subscription to it. I just love watching men dress well. In North…

Proenza Schouler Fall/Winter 2010

Proenza Schouler's F/W 2010 collection, which was displayed at New York Fashion Week, really caught my eye. The line still carries the whole gothic trend but with a feminine twist, a few scottish details, and pops of blue and green. At least that's how I can describe it. The jeans in this collection are actually a collaboration with one of my favourite brands, J-Brand. Now for all of those women with curves who have J-Brand jeans, I know you know why I love them so much. I would love to purchase a pair of the jeans from the collection, apparently it'll be available sometime in July! I can't wait. For now just take a look at the collage I created of a few of the F/W 2010 collection.

Hope this inspires up is Ezra Constantine for the boys. Till next time,


Myself on the Left and Gloria on the Right
So this weekend, my friends and myself decided we'd go all out. So we went partying on Saturday and Sunday, did bottle service both days and destroyed our feet in heels. Surprisingly, the shoes I'm wearing in these photos are one of the most comfortable pairs I own and I absolutely love them. Just in case you're wondering, these photos were taken at a intimate party called Sunday's Best which was thrown by my friend Kay (thanks for the photos).

Kay and I

Nay, Kay, Gloria, and I

I'll have photos of Saturday up soon! BTW I did celebrate V-Day but not on Sunday (I worked all day).  I'll give you some more info next time.

Lee "Alexander" McQueen Passed Away Today

It's odd, just last night I was doing some online shopping and I was debating over a pair of McQueen shoes. No, not the crazy ones that I showed you on my previous posts, but the ones that have a sweetheart peep toe and a yellow sole. I was even debating about doing another post on him today BUT I never thought it would be about this.

This morning Sid texted me while I was still in bed and said "Alexander McQueen committed suicide". Trust me, that woke me up. Who would have ever thought? I mean his life seems amazing to the outside world doesn't it? The "bad boy" of British fashion, he never let anyone down with his crazy designs. As for the suicide part, I'm not sure about that. He was found dead this morning in his apartment, but the papers are only speculating if he was depressed. I guess word is spreading fast and people are going crazy making up stuff but who knows what really happened.

I didn't want to make this post about his work, but rathe…

Motorcycle Chick on a Diet

As promised, I should be getting a SLR in the next two weeks so stay tuned. I just keep delaying it because I hate how I look in photos these days. I've always struggled with weight issues my entire life and recently I've put on weight and its destroying me inside. I know a lot of it is my fault because I went from a health freak to being a time starved student who opts for everything but something healthy. Regardless, I feel like I can't wear anything or the pieces I use to be able to, which I feel impairs my ability to dress as fabulously as I can.

Don't worry, I'm not the type to pity myself. I've been going to the gym again and I push myself hard. I loved working out but I stopped because of school and unfortunately it had a negative affect. Also, eating healthy was a part of my daily lifestyle. I got sick thinking about junk food. That's essentially what happens when you start eating healthy, you crave the good stuff and not the bad stuff. Unfortunatel…

What Would He Wear in Winter?

Alright, so I know that Spring 2010 collections are out for some brands but I couldn't resist showing the Chevignon Legend collection for A/W 2009-2010 and since we're still experiencing winter in this part of the world I thought it would be great to put photos of this up. When I saw this campaign I couldn't help but think of how similar SOME of the looks were to Sid's style is to this.

I'm sorry Sid, but I have to tell the whole world about your secret.....

When I first met him he hated the things I loved in men's style. Yet, over time, I finally was able to rub off on him. The things he once thought were ugly, he now loves! Actually, he loves a lot of stuff he hated before, not just things related to fashion but music and food as well. I LOVE IT! We connect!

photocredit: chevignon

I love men with style,

Kate Hudson in Harper's Bazaar January 2010

I've always thought Kate Hudson is one of most absolutely gorgeous women I have ever seen. Her persona seems so carefree and sweet which makes her even more beautiful to me. When I saw her in Harper's Bazaar this month, I was just blown away. The shoot was based on the life of an everyday woman in NYC and I loved how they incorporated glamour into every element of it. Kate completely glows! I would love to see more editorials like this.

I hope this inspires you to glam up everyday of your life, Lord knows Toronto needs that. People here take "casual" to such an extreme level that everything ends up being considered "over-dressed" if it isn't plain boring.

Just food for thought!