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Men's Casual Spring/Summer Style

I have had a lot of my male readers and friends request time after time for more menswear posts and I hope all of you are able to enjoy the last few men's posts that I've done. I promise to get more menswear and men's fashion out to you guys. This post is dedicated to casual style for spring and summer (since we're in that season). I know there is ONE picture that is technically more along the lines of fall/winter fashion but I loved his detailed knit sweater, paired with a long green parka, a toque and a great bag. Either way, I hope you enjoy this.

photocredit: thesatorialist
love, hugs, and kisses

Man of Style - Luigi Tadini (Part II)

He just makes style look so effortless.
photocredit: thesatorialist
I'll be doing a bit more men's stuff, so keep visiting often! hugs and kisses,

Even Older Men Can Look Amazing

Dear Sir, I absolutely LOVE your STYLE, .and your HAIR is FLY!

photocredit: tommy ton for GQ

When it comes to looks, sometimes age really doesn't matter if you know how to dress and groom right.  xoxo,

LG Fashion Week

So, this is my one and only photo at LG Fashion Week. Of course, I forgot my camera so this is the only one from the actual venue for the shows. I do have photos from Women X Women Media/Industry Invite Event that was held that night, and I think I might have photos from Bustle's afterparty at Brassaii, which was also that evening. If I get them, I'll put them up as well.

Anyway, this picture is of myself, Elsa, and her lovely mother.
White Blazer: Zara, Pants & Blouse: Mango xoxo,

Man of Style: Luigi Tadini

Luigi Tadini is originally from Sao Paulo, Brazil. He is a jewellery heir and also apparently an actor/model. I went sleuthing for older photos of him but I wasn't too impressed with what I found,  but after seeing some pictures of him recently, I felt he was definitely a guy to watch out for. He looks stunningly sexy, charming, and sophisticated. I know many men can take a style note or two from him.


FYI, Tommy Ton is the man! hugs and kisses,

Miroslava - JUST ONE MORE

Okay I had to do just one more post on her. I found the cutest photos of her on tumblr. Unfortunately, I don't know who the actual source is so please let me know if you have any idea. Although I have tonnes of photos of her, I'll leave you guys with these two for now.

love, hugs, and kisses,

Woman of Style: Miroslava Mikheeva Duma (Part VII)

Alright ladies and gentleman, today is the final day of Mira. Not many women could pull of that Bottega Veneta red suit and she does an amazing job. Actually, I don't like how she dressed it up in this picture but I have another one of her wearing the same outfit with black pumps and it looks amazing!
photocredits: stylesightings, unknown - found on facebook, &; hanneli
Up next, my very first "Man of Style". Make sure to follow my blog through google or bloglovin for updates! xoxo,

Woman of Style: Miroslava Mikheeva Duma (Part VI)

photocredits: thesatorialist, alltheprettybirds, thesatorialist for style
1 post to go, then its on to the next one!

Sex and The City 2 - The New Trailer

I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOO excited. This trailer definitely changed things for me. The first teaser trailer they had looked kind of boring but this has got me excited. Yet, I think I'm more excited to see what they're wearing. I already spotted clothes by The Blonds and Ralph Lauren, just to name a few. Obviously the clothes are previous seasons' collections since the movie was in the making over that last 1 or 2 years (from what I know) but I'm still going crazy anticipating the release of the movie. I CAN'T WAIT!!!!

Sex and the City 2' Trailer 2 HD

Woman of Style: Miroslava Mikheeva Duma (Part V)

These are some of my favourite looks.
photocredit:citizencouture, spletnik & thesatorialist

hugs and kisses,

Woman of Style: Miroslava Mikheeva Duma (Part IV)

Since I didn't post photos of her yesterday, I'm going to do two posts today. xoxo,

Shoe Love -Alexander McQueen Boots

I want these....NOW!

Boots by Alexander McQueen xoxo,

Woman of Style: Miroslava Mikheeva Duma (Part III)

Day 3 of Miroslava! I love these looks.
photocredits:garancadore & trendycrew xox,

Black Leather Peacock Ruffles + Nude Satin Pumps = LOVE

These babies were spotted at Paris fashion week. I'm pretty sure their Valentino. I wish I could see shoes like this on women everyday!

Levi's Fall 2010 Collection for Men and Women

I know most people who know me know I love wearing rolled up khakis or boyfriend jeans with big t-shirts and a beanie paired with boots or moccasins, so it's no surprised that I adore Levi's Fall 2010 collection. It's just simplicity at its best. Although the looks aren't exactly the newest trend I absolutely love the way the clothes are styled. The women take on a lumberjack/androgynous look with over-sized jeans, lace up boots, and loose shirts and sweaters. The men look ever so sexy in fitted but relaxed denim paired with worn boots and boat shoes. Whoever styled these models did an amazing job, everything is perfect, from the hair to the accessories all the way down to the clothes themselves.


TGIF!!! Love you guys,

Woman of Style: Miroslava Mikheeva Duma (Part II)

I promised to give you a week full of our first Woman of Style, so here is your daily dose of Mira. 
photocredit: trendycrew & spletnik
hugs and kisses,

Sexy Koi Fish and Francesco Scognamiglio

Wrap a Magic Koi Fish like that around me any day! This whole outfit is insane to me! It's from Francesco Scognamiglio Fall if you don't know, now you know. 

I have no words....all I can say is that belt is FIYAH!!! Buy me one!

photocredits: tommy ton for

Psssst...the woman wearing this is going to be my next Woman of Style. Can you guess who she is? xoxo,

Woman of Style: Miroslava Mikheeva Duma

Welcome to my new section of the site called "Woman of Style", which is all about women who I believe have a keen understanding of fashion and impeccable sense of style. To get things started, please allow me to introduce you to one of my favourite style icons, Miroslava Mikheeva Duma. For those of you that don't know, she's an absolutely adorable 25 year-old editor for Harper's Bazaar Russia. I've heard that she comes from a wealthy family (including her husband), hence why she's done so well at such a young age, but that still doesn't change the fact that she has got an incredible sense of style. 
Although I don't love every look I've seen on her (and I obviously won't post those ones) I still have a vast amount of photos of her to show everyone.  Rather than overwhelming you guys in one post, I'll introduce you to her over several posts this week.
photocredits: shoot the breeze,coolspotters &citizencouture

This is just the tip of t…