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Gucci Private Sale

For those of you who shop and peruse high-end designer sites, you know that its rare that you'll ever find a sale on their websites. Hence why so many discount luxury retailers online like Gilt Groupe, Beyond the Rack, or Rue La La have been thriving on selling designer items at a discount. Well, it looks like these sites might end up having direct competition because, guess what....Gucci is actually having a private sale on its website!!!

A SALE! On their own website??? Yeah, I was shocked too.

“Gucci is pleased to extend a special invitation to our most valued clients. Through this presale website, you will be able to reserve items from the spring/summer 2010 collection at the sale price, in advance of the sale. The official sale will begin on June 1, 2010.”

Unfortunately, its only for US citizens but I'm sure you avid online shoppers can find a way around that. Of course, you probably want to visit  the site yourself don't you? Well I've got the link, just click below…

Men's Spring Style

I'm sorry! Really, I am! I love my blog and all my readers so I would never jump ship without letting you guys know whats up. This is probably the longest hiatus I have ever taken from my blog but I really just wanted to enjoy the beginning of my summer break. There's so many things I wanted to post but never got the chance to. One of the things I had prepared was another spring menswear post but I just never got around to putting the actual post up.
Technically it's spring in Canada but the weather in Toronto this week makes it seem more like summer. Apparently today's temperature beat the previous record for the highest temperature on this exact day, May 25th (compared to previous years). None the less, Canada is bipolar (and I know all my Torontonians know exactly what I'm talking about) and I wouldn't be shocked if it snowed tomorrow and everyone whipped out their winter jackets. Therefore I'm still going to post these wonderful spring menswear photos fo…

New Video: Drake - Find Your Love

Find Your Love is one of Drake's most recent singles. To be honest with you, it kind of reminds me of Craig David. Nonetheless, I still like the song. 
Anyway, this video was posted on Drake's blog, OVO, today (well more like yesterday since its now 4am) and as you can see, the theme of the video has a very obvious "Shottas" vibe to it ("Shottas" is a Jamaican movie based on organized crime) and was filmed in Kingston, Jamaica. For those of you who like reggae and dancehall, keep your eyes peeled, Mavado appears in this music video as well.

Thanks to Mona for introducing me to the music video.
hugs and kisses,

Fendi Lucite Heels

Oh Fendi, how I LOVE thee! 
Karl Lagerfeld, you are just so amazing! These lucite heels make me tingle. Karl has created these shoes in a plethora of colours that it's hard to keep track of how many there are altogether. Trust me, there's more than what you see below.


Anyone want to donate $1500 to me so I can buy these? xoxo