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Chain Me Down

I want this....NOW!
photocredit: stylewithisabelle
I am going to find something like this here or make it my damn self!

Wild Dreams - Vogue Germany November 2010

The moment I saw this editorial I knew I had to put it up on my blog. I'm so utterly in love with every detail of it. The editorial is called Wild Dreams and is featured in Vogue Germany's November 2010 issue. Hats off to Katie Mossman for styling this so beautifully and Greg Kandel for making the vision of Wild Dreams come to life through his lens. Liu Wen looks amazing in every photo. 

You know what the funny thing is, I'm not even the kind of girl that's big on fur.

Model Boy Behaviour

I thought this was absolutely adorable.

I don't know why I find dorky behaviour like this so attractive at times. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that I'm such a goof ball myself. I know my friends can attest to that.
Hugs and kisses,

Fashionable Men

I love well dressed men :)

Little Boy Band

OMGGGGGGGGGGGG! How cute is this? These boys are absolutely adorable in those jackets by Stella McCartney for Gap Kids. Just in case you're wondering, their names are Gus and Olivier, the twin sons born to US Weekly's fashion director, Sasha Charnin Morrison.

photocredit: alltheprettybirds
They remind me of my nephew....sigh.

Masquerade, Anna Dello Russo's Way

Only Anna Dello Russo has the confidence to pull something like this off at a Masquerade. According to Tommy Ton (the photographer), she was getting ready for Vogue Paris' 90th Anniversary Ball. The dress was designed by Peter Dundas and the headpiece was created by none other than Gareth Pugh.

Extravagance at its best. No one can top Anna and her confidence.
Okay, now I really got to go to bed because I'm burning up. Till next time,

Feel Like

I recently got put on to these guys by my friend Mike. (Who knew you had such great taste in music!) I love the sound of these guys, its very reminiscent of J Dilla, Dwele, Foreign Exchange, Platinum Pied Pipers...just to name a few.
On another note, I'm so sick its not even funny! I'm sitting here with a fever after working a late shift. Time for bed so I can do it all again tomorrow.

If He Can Do It, She Can Do It - An Outfit for a Man or Woman

This man looks so relaxed and handsome in his outfit. It's well put together and it's just the right mix of casual elements mixed in with a slightly tailored look to make him so effortlessly fashionable.
photocredit: swagger360

When I saw the photo above it reminded me of a picture of a girl I had seen recently on another blog. She was in the same outfit as him but, of course, each piece was fit to flatter her shape and accentuate her curves. I was blown away by the similarities. Regardless of the fact that this look is more androgynous,she was still able to give it an edgy feel with a touch of sexiness. I especially loved her white hair! Only a few confident women can pull off hair like that.

So in conclusion, some looks can really be worn by both genders, you just need to know how to own the style and make it work for your body.

Fashionable Baby Bump

So in an earlier post I had a photo of a pregnant woman in a flowing grey dress. The shot was taken in such a way that you couldn't see who the woman was. Well, of course, it is a woman who I dubbed a style icon and was my first "Woman of Style" on this blog.

Yes, its Miroslava Duma! 

Man of Style - Nickelson Wooster (Part III)

This will be my final installment of Nick Wooster for now. I'm done saying how great I think he is in terms of his style because I could go on and on. I know a lot of guys that could learn from just watching how he pieces together different items.
Enjoy :)

photo source: GQ
Love, hugs, and kisses,

If I Was a Bird

I love Floetry, even though they no longer produce music together, but the reason I chose this song is not based on solely my love for this duo. This song reflects all that I've written about in my previous post. If you feel that you connect with my words you may want to look up the lyrics because simply listening to the song may not allow you to really feel the impact of it (especially if you feel Floetry's sound is a little to heavy for you). Actually, this song only spoke to me when I read the words.

I know how personal some of these posts are getting but this is me and I'm willing to share a part of who I am and my life with others if it serves a good purpose. Recently, I had one of my readers that I've never met reach out to me and openly talk to me about  their experiences. Not only that, but they expressed that they emailed me because they wanted to check up on me to see if I was doing okay. I'm happy that I'm able to connect so deeply with others and all…

Just a Thought

"If you have a sincere and open heart, you naturally feel self-worth and confidence, and there is no need to be fearful of others." Dalai Lama

I know I felt this once and somewhere deep down inside I still feel it. I remember when I was so confident in who I was that I was able to love freely and genuinely without fear. My recent past has eaten away at me and blistered my feelings of self-worth. I still love with an open heart and its why I keep opening myself up to certain people even though I know their inability to reciprocate those emotions with the same amount of effort only ends up cutting me deeply. 
I do believe self-worth is  deeply intertwined with someone's ability to be sincere and have an open heart without fear. Self-worth and confidence is what gives you the strength to allow yourself to be vulnerable to someone who may use that power over you. Yet, at the end of the day, your self-worth is also what serves as a guide to knowing when something is harmful to…

Fashion - Random Shots that I Love

There's not much to this post but a few photos that I liked. My favourite one is the baby belly! Pregnancy is such a beautiful thing. Do you realize how magical and unreal it is to know a woman can carry another living and breathing human being within herself? It's so amazing to know that both men and women have the ability to create and give life. A child can be such a beautiful symbol of love and perfection in every way. Anyway, I'm getting off topic but my point is that pregnancy is such a beautiful thing and I love how every element of what the woman wore only served to enhance beauty of her new curves.

By the way, try and figure out who the baby bump belongs to. I'll reveal the secret soon.

Man of Style - Nickelson Wooster (Part II)

I promised more photos of Nick Wooster so here they are. I just LOVE his style! I know a lot of people from Toronto who aren't exactly fashion forward feel uncomfortable about his outfits but I think he's just extraordinary with the way he selects each piece and mixes and matches. He definitely has a look that is unforgettable.

photo credits: swagger360, stockholmstreetstyle, thesatorialist, citizencouture, alltheprettybirds
On a side not, this man has some bad ass tattoos! I love his sleeves.
Hugs and kisses,