January 8, 2011

J. Crew Men's Spring/Summer 2011 Collection

If you've been reading my blog you'll know I went to Egypt and flew out on November 4th. After a long journey, with its ups and downs and a fluke trip to Turkey, I finally landed back in Toronto on the 6th of December. I've been so busy ever since I landed. I returned to work the very next day and have had barely any down time. Anyway, I'm back at blogging after two whole months!

For some reason I've been completely obsessed with men's fashion recently. I've always loved men's clothing but I've become so fascinated with it over the past month so I thought my first post since I've been back should be based on a  mens collection that I really like.

J. Crew's Mens Spring/Summer 2011 lookbook I believe came out around the time I was travelling into Egypt. The looks are simple and yet so well put together. James from Secret Forts describes this collection so well by stating, "There's an ease to this collection. It's sharp and a bit rakish. buttoned down yet untucked. It's a modern take on classic pieces without getting too precious about them. Clothes are for wearing and living in and with this Spring collection, J. Crew continues to do what they do best, mixing it up, editing and layering of texture, referencing the past, making clothes for a guy today, clean lines and rough edges, not over-thinking it." I couldn't have said it better myself.


photocredits: secretforts



  1. I really enjoy reading your post and of course the pictures. Your post is different from other blogs these is cool, simple and eye catching; I spent my time viewing the pictures an, their outfit, the model etc thanks for sharing these men suits collection or I should say mens collection.

  2. Thanks Margie! I'm more of a visual person when it comes to fashion blogs so because of that I tend to focus more on showing then on describing.


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