September 19, 2011

Women: Fall or Summer Fashion?

Right now Canadian weather is all over the place, one day its cold and the next day its hot. Fall is soon approaching and the temperatures will begin to settle and become colder and colder. Of course, as a friend pointed out, you walk on the streets and see people in shorts and then you look beside them and see someone in a jacket with boots on. Clearly people are still trying to figure out what clothes are the most appropriate and are in between both their summer and fall wardrobes.

Anyway, the photos I chose below sort of remind of the scene I see when I go out these days. The best tip I can give to people is to layer. I layer like crazy, especially if I leave early in the morning (when its cold) or I know I'm going to return at night (also when its cold). I go from running around in a tuque and leather jacket to a t-shirt. Layering is the only way to deal with the sort of temperature changes we deal with around this time. 

I believe I may be missing some credits for these photos, so please fill me in if you know the source.

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