October 21, 2011

Kavinsky - Nightcall

Take a listen to the video I've posted, it's called Nightcall and its produced by French electro house artist, Kavinsky. This song is sick! Seriously, I first heard it a little while back and I liked how reminiscent the song was of the 80's but it didn't fully appeal to me then. After hearing it again in the Drive soundtrack, it made me fall obsessively in love with the song. Perhaps the feel of the movie really lent to visualizing the song itself (admittedly I'm also head over heels in lust with Ryan Gosling...yes, I thought he was a cutie since Breaker High days annnnd he's Canadian, BONUS!). I swear I wanted to just hear it playing through the whole movie instead of hearing people talk. Someone told me I'd love the soundtrack of Drive, obviously they were right and they know me well enough to my musical taste...even though its all across the board.


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