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Bling Bling its a Chrome Thing

DO NOT advocate smoking but I adore this picture and the weaponry garnished all over these hands, I just wish there wasn't a cigarette involved.

Woman of Style: Carine Roitfeld

I've been meaning to post photos of Carine Roitfeld for ages and never got around to doing it. If you're wondering who she is I'll give you a small tidbit. Carine was formerly a model and writer who eventually became Editor-in-Chief at French Vogue and after ten years she resigned from her position, leaving the publication on January 31st this year.

For now I will just post one photo of her just to display that even in simple black draped clothing she continues to exude style and confidence.

photocredit: thesatorialist
Love, hugs, and kisses,

Haider Ackermann Fall/Winter 2011

I don't even know what to say about Hairder Ackermann's FW 2011 collection. I was breathless when I saw these photos. The draping of each piece is done so beautifully. I loved the dark jewel toned colours that blended so well with one another. The mix of fabrics and materials are simply exquisite. This collection is a different take on his usual dark and gothic looks that he generally presents. I could go on and on but designers are continually blowing me for the upcoming seasons. I keep adding more collections to my "favourities".



Shoe Game - Boy's Edition

5 Stars for the Boys
photocredit: jakandjil
Just take it in.

Up Close and Personal: Fall/Winter 2011 closeups

Random shots that I adore of Jason Wu, Michael Kors, and Proenza Schouler

photocredit: jakandjil
Simply bliss. love, hugs, and kisses,

The Boys of Paris/Milan Fashion Week

Some of you might remember that last fall I posted a video called the "Boys of London" by Justin Wu for's co:lab. Well I guess you could call this the second edition to that. My favourite photographer, blogger, and fellow Canadian, Tommy Ton for teamed up with Justin Wu to create "Boys of Paris/Milan". 


More Sugar for Your Musical Taste Buds: Frank Ocean

Aside from the hype that has been made of The Weeknd, another name has been quite popular too, Frank Ocean. My girl Nay put me onto his music a little while back and I love the sound of it. Novocane is another track I've had on repeat and I just can't get out of my mind.

To download the mixtape called Nostalgia, Ultra click here.  You can also check his blog out on tumblr at

Toronto's New Obsession: The Weeknd

It seems that in a matter of one day The Weeknd was all over every social media outlet available and I swear half of Toronto has become obsessed with this artist and the House of Balloons mixtape overnight. Obviously, fellow Torontonian, Drake, cosigning on the whole thing only served to intensify the rapid following The Weeknd has received. Of course, I'm a victim to the hype and I have been playing one song over and over and over and over for the past two days. It's like an addiction. So without further adieu, here is "What You Need" by The Weeknd.

Visit to download the mixtape, you won't regret it.
Love, hugs, and kisses.

Woman of Style: Anna Dello Russo (Part V)

I think its pretty clear I'm in love with this woman seeing as I continously post photos of her. Seriously! She wears whatever the hell she wants to and no matter how outrageous it is, she still manages to pull it off.

photocredit: alltheprettybirds

Once again, sorry for the long hiatus. School is kicking my ass, along with the gym and a bunch of other things. I miss this blog because it keeps me connected with the things I love the most. Hopefully once finals are through I can get back to posting regularly.