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Word of the Day

Man of Style - Nickelson Wooster (Part VIII)

Yes, boys and girls, this is my billionth post of Nickelson Wooster. I remember over a year ago, people (outside of the fashion industry) were totally clueless as to who he was. I remember seeing a photo of him and as strange as I thought he was, I was still drawn to him and made a blog post based on that one photo. I had no clue who he was but I knew there was something interesting about him.
Now Mr. Wooster has gained some fame in the fashion blogging realm and has definitely won my heart. I'm not going to elaborate on him or discuss how amazing I think his style is, since I continually say that on any post with photos of him. Just enjoy it!


Hug it Out

Have you ever wondered how amazing and beautiful hugs are? You hug someone to express happiness, to express sorrow, to comfort, to express gratitude, to express love, to celebrate, to express pride in someone, to express your devotion, to feel close, to feel safe, to protect, to say hello, to say goodbye....hugs are a simple physical act that expresses so much emotion and delivers so many messages without the need to say one word. What a beautiful thing go out and hug someone!

Visual Details of Men's Fashion

I've had these photos in my archives for nearly a year, if not longer. I love these shots of men's clothing, shoes, and bags because it captures some of the greatest design elements of each item. At the same time, each photo displays how beautiful showcased these items are. Enjoy.

It's been so long that I don't remember who to credit for these photos. If I'm not mistaken, I believe its Tommy Ton for GQ but I'm not sure. Feel free to correct me.

Love, hugs, and kisses

Learn - It's all I want to do

This video embodies what I feel about life and learning. Here's a bit of background on it so you can truly understand the beauty of it. According to the producers of this video, it took "3 guys, 44 days, 11 countries, 18 flights, 38 thousand miles, an exploding volcano, 2 cameras." to visually describe the beauty of learning. Hopefully this inspires others to view learning in a new light.

Love, hugs, and kisses

Women: Fall or Summer Fashion?

Right now Canadian weather is all over the place, one day its cold and the next day its hot. Fall is soon approaching and the temperatures will begin to settle and become colder and colder. Of course, as a friend pointed out, you walk on the streets and see people in shorts and then you look beside them and see someone in a jacket with boots on. Clearly people are still trying to figure out what clothes are the most appropriate and are in between both their summer and fall wardrobes.
Anyway, the photos I chose below sort of remind of the scene I see when I go out these days. The best tip I can give to people is to layer. I layer like crazy, especially if I leave early in the morning (when its cold) or I know I'm going to return at night (also when its cold). I go from running around in a tuque and leather jacket to a t-shirt. Layering is the only way to deal with the sort of temperature changes we deal with around this time. 

photocredits: thesatorialist, hanneli, thelocals,
I believ…

Lauryn Hill in 1987

Look at this gem that I've found. Lauryn Hill performing at age 13 at The Apollo for Amateur Night. I wonder how the people who were booing felt once this woman became one of the most memorable females in Hip-Hop and R&B. You can even hear a guy yelling at her to "get off the mic"! I've got to say, for a 13 year old, she held some serious composure while that heckling and booing was going on. Many singers might have been completely discouraged after that experience and perhaps given up their dreams. If it wasn't for tenacity, passion, and drive, we would have never been able to experience the beautiful, soulful, and powerful music of Lauryn Hill.

Love, hugs, and kisses,


I wish this woman had released more music. I remember I bought tickets to her concert in Toronto early this year and I sold it the day of the event because I had so much work I needed to do. Yes, that's the power of prioritizing. I gave up something I had waited so long for, not knowing when and if I'd ever see her perform again. 
Anyway, I decided to post this today because I heard this song yesterday after walking out of a pub and I realized how powerful it is. There are so many songs of Lauryn Hill's that speaks to me but I remember first hearing this song years ago and not really understanding her words. Now after growing a bit and understanding the struggles of relationships, I can definitely feel her words to my core.  


The Truth!

Men and Women all Dressed Up

Here's a few shots I've collected over the past little while of both men and women. Pay close attention and you'll see a few of the people I dubbed as "Style Icons" on this. I'm 100% sure the photo below is Anna Dello Russo, one of my favourite women of fashion. Enjoy!

photocredit: swagger360

photocredit: swagger360
I can't remember where I've retrieved most of these photos. If any of you have an idea, please shoot me a message so I can credit the right people.
On a side note, I LOVE EVERYBODY! lol...ok bye.

Ol Skool Tune of the Day

I was driving to school today and one of the radio stations was playing all funk and disco tunes. I was blasting it at 7:00am and bopping around in my car. When I was in grade 5 or 6 I ordered a bunch of "Disco" cds from Columbia House. I really didn't care that people thought it was dorky, I was already a bit of a misfit/outcast anyway. If any of you are hip-hop heads, you'll recognize this song.

Anyway, bedtime for me now. Night,

Just for Laughs

Don't ask me why I found this so funny. I showed it to my family and they seemed to get kicks out of it to. Better yet, my nephew now calls all hydro lines "skipping rope"!

Peace, love, and harmony,

Men of Style

Each one of these guys has a unique sense of style, some of which others may not like. Undoubtedly, the way their outfits are put together is eye-catching. As a group they would probably command the attention of everyone walking by. I wish more men took the time and effort into creating an outfit for themselves. I also wish they were more daring with their choices. At the end of the day, that's what gives each of these guys their flavour.
photocredit: swagger360


This Motto Sums Up My Life

Men's Fall Style

I've had these in inventory for a while. BOY do I love boys :)

photocredit: swagger360
photocredit: swagger360