February 27, 2012

My Life in the UK and Retro Style

Ok, I know I've been gone for a long, long, long time...but that's life right? We move on, we grow, we change, we learn, and I dedicated my time to other things in order to develop myself. Life has been beautiful and so wondrous for me. Just an update, I've moved to England and will be here for a few months. Albeit, I was pretty homesick initially, but I now am enjoying every moment here. I'm such an analytical person by nature and being here has tripled that aspect in me. I could only wonder what my next steps are and what life will be like but I do know I've grown tremendously over the past few months. 

Living away from what I know has been an experience I'll never forget. I use to think our cultures were so similar, Canada and England, but in reality we differ on so many aspects. It's given me a greater love for Toronto but an even bigger thirst to travel. 

On a fashion tip, the UK definitely offers a plethora of options and people are much more stylish here than back home, at least in my opinion. Of course, it's not to say everyone cares to dress well (that's far from the truth) but there are many more people who have a sense of style and men certainly do take care of themselves in a way North Americans don't. 

Anyway, in regards to today's post, I decided to do something more retro. I was searching 70s fashion and came upon some photos I loved (some of which are photos of fashion today that was inspired by the 70s). The women look so sweet and well put together, it reminds me so much of my mother in photos I saw of her when she was my age. The last photo is from the early 80s, and yes, that is Jodie Foster. Enjoy!


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