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Delilah - Go

I was near speechless when I heard this today while I was fumbling around YouTube for something interesting for my ears to hear.This is Delilah's first EP which was produced by East London's Balistiq. Honestly, the beat and the covers Delilah does within that song are so beautiful and eerie at the same time. Yes, some of those lyrics are from Chaka Khan's song "Ain't Nobody". Insane right? I really don't know what else to say, I just want you to listen to it because I think its amazing.


Hot Pants and Sheer Tops

YAY! My Topshop order came in today. I got three pairs of hot pants and a sheer sleeveless blouse with uneven hems. I'm absolutely in love with my order, albeit those shorts are something other than shorts on my Anyway, I've got so many ideas for how to wear them and they're also a reminder to just up my game when it comes to fitness. I'm so excited about this summer and the chance to wear this once I get back home to Toronto from UK.

Lots of love,

Layering - Tips, Ideas, and Photos

Here are some more photos of layering at its best. This time I've got some women in the mix. I love layering but I am careful with my choices simply because of my body shape. If I go overboard I can get a bit swallowed up in it all or I could just end up looking like a chubby ball. The best tip I can give people, especially women, is to start with thinner pieces of various textures and then build on top of that. The heaviest piece should always be on the top. Try working with items on the inside that drape well and have some flow to it as it helps with comfort and makes it easier to layer. Hope that helps!


Shots of Style

Below is a collection of shots that I love of various accessories and pieces of clothing. I don't have much to elaborate on in terms of the photos except to say that I find them visually appealing. Enjoy!

Love, hugs, and kisses

Baby Got Style

Ummm, how cute is this?

Don't Go

Love, hugs, and kisses

Glamazonian Jewellery

R.I.P. to my ring below. I somehow lost it just a few weeks after I bought it and right before I came to England. I still think about it every few days lol. I know its weird but I love that one piece of jewellery and here is the kicker, I hate rings. I never wear them so for me this ring meant a lot. Let's all have a moment of silence for this lost treasure.