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My Life, the UK, and "Home"

Living in England for half a year was such an amazing experience, returning home to Toronto was one of the hardest things I had to do this summer. I felt like I was being ripped from my second life and was thrown back into my past. Everyone and everything seemed so stagnant, like nothing had changed aside from the towering buildings of glass plastered everywhere downtown. Yet, I was different and my whole life was filled with new thoughts and experiences. I had become a new person, to me, an even better version of who I used to be. I heard about the term "reverse culture shock" but I didn't understand it till this summer.

Being immersed in a completely new culture and society gave me the opportunity to explore, stand alone on my own two feet (I mean completely alone in an alien environment), and it taught me how to be open to new experiences and people. I did things most people would never feel comfortable doing. For example, I had no idea what real trance was but I sti…

Security Cameras and Crimes of Love

On Monday, while prepping for an important meeting I was about to have, I found this video online. Am I ever glad I clicked it. Not only did this video make my heart smile, it actually brought out some giggles while watching it. I can't tell you how great it was to have that pick me up just when I needed it. I shared this on my Facebook page but I want it to be something anyone can view freely and feel the same sense of happiness I did.