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Flight Facilities - Crave You (Adventure Club Dubstep Remix)

I only just discovered this song today. Dubstep is something I'm iffy with. There are times when its a bit much for me and other times I really like certain songs. Living in England definitely boosted my appreciation for it. I love how this song was remixed. Enjoy!

Men's Coats and Jackets - Part 1

I know that some guys are completely lost when it comes to fashion. Especially in North America, where it's not exactly something men focus on, or perhaps feel uncomfortable thinking about it. Although, times have changed and I've begun to see far more fashionable men these days than in the past. I get that some men here are still so resistant to a tighter fit (no I'm not talking about super skinny jeans) but I can't tell you how sexy and appealing it is to me when a man has the confidence to pull off clothing and hairstyles that have more of a European flare to it.

You know how they say some guys look at a girl and maybe undress her with their mind....I do the total opposite. Sometimes I look at at a random guy and envision them with a certain hair style and clothing I find would be stylish on them. It's just my thing, a weird obsession with men's fashion.

Anyway, the point of this post was to help guys out visually when it comes to winter jackets and coats. …