September 18, 2014

Living with Mars: Tango's Palace

When I blogged about my return home last year, I spoke about how it was such a hard experience to return to Toronto. I used to be this city's biggest fan. I couldn't stop gushing about how amazing Toronto is and I'd never settle anywhere else (except Melbourne, Australia). That all changed when I moved away and lived in a new country. I fell in love with England.

Living in Europe and seeing places like London made me see how young Toronto is. It also made me recognize that the size of our population can't rival places like London and Paris. Essentially, part of that means that our city doesn't seem to have as much to see, do, and experience in comparison to some of the more historical and densely populated cities in the world. Regardless, when I returned home two years ago I was determined to experience Toronto as a tourist so that I could keep that feeling of nomadic excitement going. Unfortunately, that never panned out and I went back to just living in the suburbs.

Being cocooned in the world I grew up in eventually started to suffocate me. Granted some people like to stay within their own areas and routines, and you know what, that's ok. If that's what speaks to you, who am I to judge? All I know is that isn't who I am. Toronto may not be as historic and populated as I would like but that doesn't mean I've seen and experienced everything. With that said, I made a pact to myself recently to go and see new places and try new things every week or two. I may not like everything I do. I may be out of my comfort zone. I may have to go alone, but so what?

Last week I researched cafes in Toronto and I randomly chose to visit a quaint little place in Leslieville called Tango's Palace. It rained that night but it didn't deter me from heading down there to meet a friend. Needless to say, the service was amazing and the crowd seemed laid back with a few interesting characters coming in here and there. It's a great place to just relax and do some reading on your own or come in with your laptop to get some work done. If you haven't had a chance to visit, you can live vicariously through me by having a peak below.

Thanks to Naomi for taking much better shots of this place than I could (she's hiding behind the phone in the photos below). I got a pretty cool shot of the counter though!


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