September 4, 2014

The Answer to Curvy Bodies? Wrap Dresses!

Special thanks to Naomi Dumaran for being the beautiful lady behind the camera.

So I've had a fever these past two days but I've got a lot of content I wanted to put up now that I've relaunched my blog. Perhaps me sitting up late doing this isn't the smartest idea but it makes me happy!

This is one of my favourite dresses that I bought from Bedo several years ago. I barely own anything predominantly brown in colour since I feel it washes me out but I couldn't pass up on this dress. It's so reminiscent of the 70s (if you need a visual of that era in fashion go watch American Hustle). Ok, it also reminds me of Joseph and the Technicolour Coat but let's not go 

Wrap dresses in general are something I'm drawn to. The shape of a wrap dress makes me feel so feminine but at the same time it's sophisticated and not overtly sexy. Dresses like this are the perfect fit for women like me who have a curvier shape and are especially heavier on their lower body. It balances you out in all the right places. Aside from all of that, it's just so comfortable to wear because essentially all it is is a piece of fabric wrapped around you.


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