September 14, 2014

The Canadian Tuxedo: A Classic

Thank you to my doll face, Jackie Suner, for these shots.

So if you didn't know, the denim on denim look is called the Canadian Tuxedo. Pretty fitting for a Canadian girl, right? Even though it's taken a few years for some people to become comfortable with the reemergence of wearing denim with denim, I think it's such a classic look. Something about this reminds me so much of my mother when she was younger. 

My favourite aspect of what I'm wearing is that nearly everything I have on I bought when I was younger. (Actually, a lot of what I'll be posting are clothes I've had for years because I've been holding back on the shopping to save up money for things like property.) The other cool aspect? I've got pieces on from different parts of the world! My earrings I bought in 2005 when visiting Australia, the bracelet was a souvenir I got while in Dominican Republic in 2007, and the jeans I bought from Primark earlier this year in England. 

The rest of my outfit was all bought in Canada. The necklace is from Costa Blanca when I worked there as a teen (it was a popular women's retail store that went under this year). The eagle belt was my cult favourite in college that I had bought from Le Chateau. The now faded denim shirt I bought from Jacob in 2009 or 2010. The yellow purse I bought from Aldo in 2010 after seeing Jackie walking around with it. Finally, the Converse sneakers are my newest addition and they were lovingly given to me by one of my friend's sisters who bought a size too small.

Crazy memory right? Shows you that sometimes we don't need to continuously buy new apparel to look fashionable.


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