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Fall Fashion: Bold Patterns and Colours

As much as I love black, I'm a sucker for colour and pattern. Just because winter is around the corner doesn't mean we have to forego the vibrancy in what we wear. Mixing patterns into other dark pieces is one way to bring life to your wardrobe, but why not step it up a notch? Pairing pieces with bold colours that are either complimentary (purple purse to the green blazer/green blazer to the red print in the trousers) or analogous (purple purse to the blue heels/ blue heels to the green blazer) is a great way to bring some brightness to your look. Thanks to my sister for these shots taken on a cool day several weeks ago (yes, I know it was summer then!)

Outfit Details: Trousers - Club Monaco| Blazer - Forever 21| Pumps - Nine West | Purse - Aldo

School Teacher or Hollywood Housewife?

A few weeks ago I ended up at work way too early.When I realized I had a few hours to go, I headed over to my sister's place to go see my niece and nephew. Of course, my nephew was no where to be seen as he was off somewhere else but my sister had the bright idea to do a shoot in his room. Something about these photos seemed to scream "teacher" to some people, I preferred to think "Hollywood housewife". I'm sure I could have tried to hide the random boxes and stuff lying around but I liked the fact that the slight disheveled room was more authentic. Enjoy!

Skirt: Select, Top: Costa Blanca, Shoes: H&M, Necklace: Miss Selfridges, Clutch: Vintage