November 7, 2014

Fall Street Style - Leather & Acid Wash Denim

Outfit Details: Headwrap - Zumiez | Leather Jacket - Zara TRF | Mesh Shirt & Purse - Primark | Boots - Aldo | Acid Wash Denim - Sirens

 Jackie and I grabbed breakfast a few weeks ago and then needed to kill some time before we watched The Maze Runner.  Of course we decided to go on one of our escapades and found a warehouse parking lot where trucks unload near a railway station. While I was prancing around looking for a way to get on the other side of the fence to get to the tracks, I found a staircase that literally lead to nowhere and was overgrown with plants. You can't see the full staircase to appreciate how much greenery was covering the area but it was a pretty fascinating and unexpected scene. It made for some cool shots while we were shivering in intermittent rain. Our excursion didn't end there though, we also found a school which was under construction and went on a discovery tour there too. The fun never ends!

You'll probably notice my "look" over the various blog posts changes continuously. I know some people can describe their style quite distinctly, but honestly, I always say I'm eclectic. I just wear what I feel in that moment. I don't like to be placed into a particular category, image or idea of how I should look or dress on the regular. I think that kills my creativity and my ability to express myself.

Of course, I agree that certain places require you wear something based on a guideline (ex. business wear in an office or gowns for a black tie affair) but on your down time, you should clothe yourself in whatever you want and wear it with pride and confidence. Not everyone will understand or like what you put on but why should that matter? Style is about who you are, defined or undefined!


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