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Something 70s Again: Floppy Hat & Highwaisted Bell Bottoms

I've had a hat obsession as far back as I can remember. Actually, let me rephrase, I've had an "anything you can wear on your head" obsession as far back as I can remember. Anyone who knows me also knows I hoard hats, caps, tuques (wooly hats/beanies), head wraps, berets....etc. Every time I'm in the Sunday Up Market in Brick Lane, which is in London, I have to resist buying every hat I see. When I returned home from living there in 2012 I had to give up some purchases I really wanted to make for the sake of keeping my luggage at a decent limit (needless to say I still sent several massive boxes back to Canada by mail and brought two suit cases on the flight along with my carry on).

On my trip back to the UK in April, I fell in love with all sorts of headwear but most specifically the floppy wide brimmed hats. This purple one was an amazing find right outside the Sunday Up Market. Walking in the rain with my friend Andy, we found yet another stall with hats. There were three men with long hair, tanned skin, and leather biker jackets manning the area. I heard them speak spanish and Andy obviously loves to practice his languages so a dialogue ensued. While I was trying on different toppers, we found out they were from Mexico and they even offered us some beers. Talk about service!

Eventually I decided to buy this beautiful purple hat but I never gave up the hunt. Every store I was in from Leicester to London to Portsmouth, I went on the hunt for more headwear. There was one hat in specific I wanted, a wide brimmed fedora, and I regret not picking up one over there. It's hard to find my size in a hat like that at a reasonable price in Toronto. Rest assured though, this girl does not give up easily! I will be victorious eventually!

Another cool note, the necklace is also from a market all the way in Egypt and the bracelet is from the Dominican Republic! 


Thanks to my darling Jackie Suner for these wonderful photos.



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Well Dressed Women

Not much to say except I love the outfits all of these women are wearing, some are extravagant and others are simple. A few of the girls are well renowned for their fashion sense and if you follow my blog you'll spot one of my favourite style icons, Anna Dello Russo. Keep an eye out for future posts, two of these girls will be my next Woman of Style.

This will probably be my last post till I get into Egypt. I'll try and post as soon as I land with some photos.