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Fall Fashion: Leather and Noise

Outfit Details: Pants - Dynamite, Necklace & Purse - Primark, Boots - Aldo,  
Photographer: Jackie Suner
Along with my many other obsessions, leather clothing is another love of mine. I've been collecting leather (and leather inspired) pieces  for years. I have 3 pairs of tights, 3 skirts, 3 pants, 2 vests, 2 shorts, 1 cap and obviously several jackets. I don't know what it is with leather but I'm attracted to that more than anything. If you peruse through my previous posts on my blog as well as on Tumblr and Pinterest you'll be able to see my passion for leather dating back several years. As I type right now, I'm wearing military green denim jeans that are wax coated so it looks like leather!

Unfortunately because I've got a small waist and big hips, it's hard to find pieces for my lower body that fit right. I got lucky with this pair as they mould quite well to me and are crazy comfortable. As for my top, I actually have had this sweater for many years…

Fall Street Style - Leather & Acid Wash Denim

Outfit Details: Headwrap - Zumiez | Leather Jacket - Zara TRF | Mesh Shirt & Purse - Primark | Boots - Aldo | Acid Wash Denim - Sirens

 Jackie and I grabbed breakfast a few weeks ago and then needed to kill some time before we watched The Maze Runner.  Of course we decided to go on one of our escapades and found a warehouse parking lot where trucks unload near a railway station. While I was prancing around looking for a way to get on the other side of the fence to get to the tracks, I found a staircase that literally lead to nowhere and was overgrown with plants. You can't see the full staircase to appreciate how much greenery was covering the area but it was a pretty fascinating and unexpected scene. It made for some cool shots while we were shivering in intermittent rain. Our excursion didn't end there though, we also found a school which was under construction and went on a discovery tour there too. The fun never ends!

You'll probably notice my "look&q…

Something 70s Again: Floppy Hat & Highwaisted Bell Bottoms

I've had a hat obsession as far back as I can remember. Actually, let me rephrase, I've had an "anything you can wear on your head" obsession as far back as I can remember. Anyone who knows me also knows I hoard hats, caps, tuques (wooly hats/beanies), head wraps, berets....etc. Every time I'm in the Sunday Up Market in Brick Lane, which is in London, I have to resist buying every hat I see. When I returned home from living there in 2012 I had to give up some purchases I really wanted to make for the sake of keeping my luggage at a decent limit (needless to say I still sent several massive boxes back to Canada by mail and brought two suit cases on the flight along with my carry on).

On my trip back to the UK in April, I fell in love with all sorts of headwear but most specifically the floppy wide brimmed hats. This purple one was an amazing find right outside the Sunday Up Market. Walking in the rain with my friend Andy, we found yet another stall with hats. The…

Floral Blazer, Spiked Heels, and Hues of Blue

For those of you in warmer parts of the world, you might find something like this more inspiring in a literal way but this look could still be pulled off in the fall. How? Just switch the skirt to a pair of blue pants instead. It's brighter than what people are used to for fall, but really, who cares? I can still wear florals while the leaves are falling. 
As pulled together as I look, Jackie (my darling photographer) and I were running away from bees half the time we were here. I went out for lunch with her several weeks ago in the warmer weather and we found a park close to a school. I have no idea how bees get attracted to salads and wraps but we were running everywhere cause these bees found us no matter where we were, including on the sand at the playground. Needless to say, I'm sure people who were around got a kick out of us.

Outfit Details: Necklace: New Look| Blazer & Purse - Primark| Pumps - Enzo Angiolini| Skirt - Sirens|

Gingham Pants & Dip Dye Jacket

Toronto barely experienced a summer this year and I found myself wearing clothes I would have one in the spring or fall season. These photos taken by my sister are actually from a cold July evening. Considering today was a mild fall day, posting this outfit seemed appropriate. Those Topshop gingham pants are my favourite. It's one of those buys I never regret and even though it has such a loud pattern, I seem to be able to mix it with absolutely anything!

Outfit Details: Shoes - Converse| Pants & Denim Jacket - Topshop| Purse & Mesh Shirt - Primark