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Cheers to the New Year

Every New Years I see so many people make remarks and comments about how New Year's resolutions are a waste, that it's just another day and people shouldn't need to wait for this time of year to make a commitment. Granted, some of those things are true, but a New Year represents so much and it stands as a symbol for so many people. It may just be another day but there is such immense power and emotion behind what a New Year denotes. If, as humans, we didn't thrive off of symbolism and milestones then we wouldn't need to celebrate our birthdays every year or our anniversaries or even our graduations, You may not find solace in the freshness of a new year and you may not see it as a pillar for you to tie a goal to, but don't take that away from someone else with your negativity. Not everyone needs or wants a resolution every year, and if you're like me, you wait for the need for a resolution to call to you. Some years I've had no resolution, and then in yea…

Street Style: Welcome to the Underworld

This post is long over due. Back in October my long time friend and photographer, Sid Naidu, and I decided to collaborate for a project he wanted to work on. Out of that came some wonderful shots for my blog. Luckily enough, I could probably still wear this outfit because Toronto's weather has been a lot warmer than usual this year. We actually had a green Christmas! I mean literally green, not just pine tree green, green grass green! I don't remember ever having a winter where I saw green lawns.

Funny how just last year Toronto was under a state of an emergency with a deadly and yet beautiful ice storm that blew out majority of the city's power for days in freezing temperatures right at Christmas and New Years. All of my family's homes were without power but my area was affected the worst. We were blessed to have amazing friends out west who took us in for the night. The next day my parents' home finally got power and my family all piled into their place and got …