April 16, 2015

Dora the Explorer Grown Up - Back Pack Included

I'M BACK! Okay I know I barely posted on Blogger through the winter but if you want to keep up to date with me, I post often on my Instagram account, @down_to_mars_girl, so you can follow me there for my fashion updates and things about my life.

This weekend the weather was phenomenal so I barely even needed the jacket I had on in the first few shots. What I'm wearing is pretty simple actually, it's the details of each item that make things pop. My favourite aspect of the whole outfit was the leather like sleeves of my sweater in a mesh pattern. The jacket I have on is ribbed in certain areas with shoulder padding and has studs embedded into it. The high waist pants I have on are of a thick sleek fabric with a sheen to it. The belt is made out of metal plates. OH, and don't you love my little bag? Reminds me of the 90s when we all pranced around with those mini back packs. I figure if Dora the Explorer grew up, this is what she'd wear but maybe I just think that because of the back pack (I'm singing the back pack song in my head as I type). Even without all the jewellery I'm wearing, every element I have on is scaled up just a bit which is what makes it interesting. And yes, the sweater does say "Explicit Content" for absolutely no reason but I like it anyway.

Today's post was long over due and I want to dedicate this to two people. The first person I've mentioned before, Andy. He lives all the way in London, England. A bunch of us had met on a trip overseas in the Dominican Republic nine years ago and the rest is history (I still keep in touch with several of them and one individual is actually one of my closest friends)! Andy has a beautiful family who has opened their home to me on more than one occasion when I've gone to the UK. They actually helped me find my own place when I moved there. I guess you could say I've become an adopted Naija sister because a lot of times I'd go by his house to hang with his siblings more than to see him (still love you though!). 

The sweater (or "jumper" as my Brits call it) was actually a gift from Andy when I went to visit this time last year. I was instantly drawn to this sweater when we were shopping at the Sunday Up Market and while I was bargaining over the price for it, Andy decided to buy it as a memento for my trip. Although it's been a year since I've had this sweater, this weekend was the first time I ever wore it. 

The second person I wanted to dedicate this post to is someone who I met recently and is skilled at arts and crafts. He even made a little paper toy gun for me when he noticed I like pointing my gun fingers everywhere like a two year old pretending she's in a western movie. (By the way, I hijacked one of your pieces of art today. Thought to mention it if you hadn't He's been encouraging me to get back on to blogging after slyly discovering this site. So this is for you. Thank you for the encouragement and for basically scolding me to get back to the things I enjoy.

More posts coming soon. In the mean time I'm always open to people's comments and interactions so go ahead and share this or leave a note if you like :).

Outfit Details: Pants - Aritzia | Sweater - street market in London | Belt - Zara | Shoes - Aldo | Bag - Primark | Bandana Wrap - Zumiez | Necklace - popup street market in Manhattan | Rings - street markets in London and Forever21


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