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Winter Fashion: Pastels, Unicorns, and Cotton Candy

Okay, I've got a confession to make. These photos were actually taken in October by my friend, Jackie Suner. I know it took me three months to post these shots but the good thing is this outfit is still relevant to our Toronto winter considering it has been rather mild overall. Even in colder temperatures, the only tweaks you need to make to an outfit like this are to change the shoes and perhaps wear a heavier coat.

Winter and fall fashion are normally synonymous with dark colours but I love being able to bring some light and freshness to the season. I keep thinking of cotton candy and unicorns when I look at this outfit (which could explain why majority of the pictures from this shoot were actually of me running around and jumping off things). I'm happy that many retailers have sold more pastel pieces for this season, it's a refreshing change for our winter wardrobes. Plus, I feel like a bit of a kid and yet feminine in those colours all at the the same time.

Outfit Deta…