February 14, 2016

All the Reasons Being Single can be Amazing, Even on Valentine's Day

While NBA All Star weekend has taken Toronto by storm, I know many of us, especially all my international followers and friends, are still aware that it's Valentine's Day. I've never been one to wallow if I was single on February 14th. To be honest, it has no impact on me. Yet, I know there are some people out there who feel a sense of loneliness and sorrow because of what the day represents.

In previous years I've written words of encouragement since I recognize that those emotions are real and valid because as humans we aren't designed to live in solitude. If you feel sorrowful, it's OK, but this year I wanted to shed some light on the beauty of being single (without taking away from the beauty of relationships that are based on respectful love). So let's take a look at all the reasons being alone is amazing.

  • Being single gives you the chance to spend time with yourself. It forces you to get to know who you are and enjoy yourself, literally.
  • Being single allows you to examine your life (sometimes solely because you're with yourself). This can be painful and tough but the outcome is that you can find ways to develop and to grow.
  • Being single means you don't need to worry about anyone else if you decide to pick up and leave the city one day, permanently or just on a vacation. You have the freedom to go wherever you want whenever you want.
  • Being single means you can take as much time as you like to focus on your career and find out what makes you happy. You can take financial risks because you only have to worry about providing for yourself.
  • Being single puts you in a position where you need to look for ways to keep yourself busy. You can sign up for classes, take up hobbies, go out to events, read, hit the gym, plan coffee dates...etc. You can keep your calendar full with creative and fun things to do that widen and give colour to your life.
  • Being single requires you to take on some tasks alone. Scared of bugs? Well you can't get your significant other to go kill that centipede, time for you to be your own hero! Suddenly the sight of insects aren't as terrifying anymore! Of course there are far more profound examples than that, like being able to buy property on your own because you've been saving up alone and set a goal for yourself to achieve that one day.
  • Being single allows you to be free of someone else's emotions when making decisions or just going about everyday life. It may sound selfish but it truly is an amazing feeling to only have to think of your own self and emotions, especially if you've come out of an abusive or toxic relationship.

There may be many of us that may never get married or perhaps never find a long term partner (who knows, I might even be single for the rest of my life). It doesn't mean you're any less of a person or that you've failed at life. Many of us may even choose that life willingly and that's OK (I'm directing this specifically at women, who are raised to a believe that being married and having kids is necessary).

With all that said, go ahead and enjoy Valentine's Day as a day of love, even without the romance. Love is still love whether it's directed at yourself, your family or your friends and there is so much beauty and joy in that. Embrace your single life and all the positivity that comes with it!
Happy Valentine's Day my loves!



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