March 3, 2016

T-Shirt, Tights, and Socks? That's Anything but Boring!

The weather in Toronto has been super weird this winter. A t-shirt and tights without any layers has been my kind of outfit on the regular. Torontonians are normally pretty accustomed to erratic weather but this winter has been incredibly warm with just a sprinkle of cold days. I don't know much about the ins and outs of global warming but I've definitely noticed a trend with changing climates for the past few years. I love the heat but it's clearly coming at a price.

Wanna know something strange? On the days where I've needed to wear warm clothing, majority of the time it was stuff I got in L.A.! Who would have thought? Ironic, right? Oddly enough, when I visited the city they were having an unusual cold spell (global warming again?) and I wasn't prepared with the right clothing so most of the pieces I bought there were for warmth.

On my trip to L.A., I was introduced to Monica at a sneaker event called Project Blitz, She was incredibly sweet and I honestly mean it when I say it was a pleasure meeting her and hanging out with her over the next few days. She's young, a total stunner and clearly works hard to hold the title of Marketing Director for a streetwear brand called Popular Demand.. On my last day in L.A. she invited me to come see their headquarters which was actually a really nice space, minimalistic but warm at the same time (I wish I took photos to show you guys). I got to learn more about their brand and take a look at some of Popular Demand's ad campaigns. Before I headed off, Monica took her hosting skills to another level and hooked me up with some awesome gear. The t-shirt I'm sporting up top is one of those items and it's the major focal point of my outfit. (Thanks Monica!!!!)

What I have on is a great example of how simple pieces can still pop. All I'm wearing is a tee, tights, and socks but it's the patterns and how the items are worn that give it some edge. The tights are one of my favourite pieces that I bought at Topshop when I lived in England. I've had it for years and I can pair it with almost anything. The socks are also an oldie of mine that I got from American Apparel in my university days. I used to wear them over my tights all the time. I know some people found it odd back then but it made me interesting, plus it's how I kept warm. Finally that necklace is a beauty that I found on a one day street market in NYC for Brazilian Independence Day. Random right?

There's still elements of a monochromatic look which is what really makes everything cohesive. Complete clashing of clothes, patterns and colours can work (especially if you have the confidence for it) but if you're a little nervous on how to push the boundaries then this would be a great example to work with. Stick with a base colour palette (i.e. my look here has a base that's black, white and grey) if you want to use clothes with different patterns and textures and you'll definitely be able to pull it off.

That's my gem for today.


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  1. I enjoy your posts! I love your sense of style.


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